“There are two certainties in life:
death and taxes”.

Unless there is an unforeseen acceleration in scientific knowledge, we are all going to die one day. This shouldn’t be something to be afraid of and acceptance of death is a healthy thing to come to terms with.

What most people want to avoid is a long period of illness and incapacity in their latter years: “it’s not the dying I’m afraid of, it’s the getting old”.

Currently, the medical profession only addresses established disease. Little attention is paid to an individual’s risks, lifestyle, diet and supplementation — in the five to ten minutes you get to see your GP.

The New Zealand Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine was established to address this gap, and to maximise health so that you remain fit, active, healthy and happy for as long as possible.

We provide a complete, personalised approach to delay the onset of age-related decline through a comprehensive program, facilitated by the most up to date diagnostic tests — many not available in New Zealand until now.

We believe this will also help prevent the commonest diseases likely to effect all of us in our lifetimes: cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Ongoing monitoring is an essential part of this and allows us to measure, and fine-tune, the improvements that our program will bring.

We are genuinely proud of this innovation in healthcare, and are confident that one day, all medicine will be practiced like this.